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What are options for cheek reduction

Buccal Fat Pad Removal Surgery

Buccal fat pad removal surgery addresses excess fat in the midface.

Your surgeon reduces buccal fat volume and allows a distinct transition between the parotid gland and cheek hollow.

Ideally for patients in need of midface rejuvenation and thinning.

Approaches to the buccal fat pad for removal are performed intra orally with a small incision in the inner cheek.

The benefits of buccal fat pad removal surgery are:

Masseter Muscle Neurotoxin Injection

Masseteric hypertrophy can mimic buccal lipodystrophy and is mainly characterized by fullness posteriorly along the mandible. This is a muscle of mastication and may be larger in people for many reasons such as bruxism or teeth grinding. Injecting neurotoxin into the muscle can decrease the size of the muscle and in turn thin the posterior portion of the cheeks.

The benefits of masseter muscle injection are similar to buccal fat pad removal in that it thins the cheek and provides a contoured natural appearance.