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Driven By a Dedication to Duty and Care

Specializing in Aesthetic Face, Breast, & Body and Breast Reconstruction

As a plastic surgeon, general surgeon, and Veteran, Dr. Daniel Urias believes in top-notch service that provides life-enhancing results. He offers a wide variety of breast, body, face, and non-surgical procedures to help his patients find joy in their appearances.

Plastic surgery that highlights you, not changes you

Plastic surgery doesn’t change who you are, but it helps you to feel more comfortable and confident with the appearance you present to the world.

Let our breast and body contouring procedures sculpt, trim, and transform your silhouette so you can wear the clothes you’ve always wanted and have fun in your own skin!

Combining techniques for natural-looking results

The contours of the human body are not straight — rather they have variations that flow beautifully. That is why Dr. Urias believes in combining surgical and non-surgical techniques to ensure your contours are defined, natural, and healthy.

Whether it is combining your tummy tuck with 360 liposuction and fat grafting or enhancing your facelift with skin resurfacing and non-surgical skin tightening, your treatment plan is personalized to you so that your results reach their optimal potential.

Dr. Urias in surgery

Dr. Daniel Urias

Plastic surgery is more than cosmetic — it’s overall wellness

Your cosmetic surgery procedure is more than skin-deep; it impacts your overall health and wellness.

Not only can these procedures help you reevaluate and become more comfortable with your aesthetic appearance, but they can also lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Dr. Urias and his team help you make lifelong plans for a healthier lifestyle before and after your surgery.

Meet Dr. Daniel Urias

plastic surgeon

Dr. Urias witnessed firsthand the immense benefits that plastic and reconstructive procedures offer. After seeing a loved one regain her sense of self with breast reconstruction, he was inspired to help other women retake control of their lives in the same way. This led him to breast reconstruction and plastic surgery.

Dr. Urias proudly served as a Navy medic before he began his general and plastic surgery training. He specializes in breast and body sculpting procedures, facial enhancement, and aesthetic breast reconstruction.

About Dr. Urias

Breast Enhancement

Whether you want to change the size, shape, or elevation of sagging breasts, breast enhancement procedures allow you to revamp and revitalize your most feminine feature. Breast techniques can be combined to ensure an ideal shape.

About Breast Augmentation

Tummy Tuck

Many women deal with abdominal laxity. Tummy tuck surgery helps transform and define the midsection by combining traditional skin reduction and muscle tightening techniques with hi-definition liposuction for naturally toned and fit-looking contours.

About Tummy Tuck

Facelift Surgery

Signs of aging eventually develop regardless of how well you care for your skin. Facial rejuvenation techniques like the deep plane facelift target some of the most common aging symptoms for a more natural and youthful look.

About Facelift

Breast Reconstruction

Losing your breasts due to illness or trauma takes more from you than tissue. Breast reconstruction helps restore your confidence and rebuild a beautiful-looking breast using autologous-based (tissue-based) techniques.

About Breast Reconstruction