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Empowering Choices – Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Posted September 28, 2023 in Breast

3 Minute Read: A breast cancer diagnosis can be a life-altering event, and the journey to recovery often involves a multitude of decisions. One critical choice that many women face after undergoing a mastectomy is whether or not to pursue immediate breast reconstruction. This transformative procedure offers not only physical restoration but also emotional and […]

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The Celebrity Secret to Sculpted Cheeks: Understanding Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Posted September 15, 2023 in Face

3 Minute Read: Enter the Buccal Fat Pad Removal Trend Buccal fat pad removal, also known as cheek reduction surgery or buccal lipectomy or bichectomy, is a fascinating procedure that can help you achieve a more sculpted and contoured facial appearance. Its popularity in pop culture, the media and with celebrities has propelled the procedure […]

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Understanding Breast Reconstruction – The Basics

Posted September 12, 2023 in Breast

3 Minute Read: Breast reconstruction repairs breast defects from trauma or disease, such as cancer, and are meant to restore the breast to mimic as closely as possible its native breast. Only a portion or the entire breast, nipple and areola can be reconstructed. In the past the goal of breast reconstruction was to create […]

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